About Camille Esther

Camille Esther is a country girl, happiest when surrounded by family and goats. She fell in love with adventure stories at a young age, at nine years old determining that she would one day be an author. She now spends her time being a wife and (slightly crunchy) mother, and in writing her own medieval adventure novels.

I like to define myself as a Homeschooler, but now that I’m long past the school years I’m not sure if the title applies… What do you think?

~ Camille

Camille’s favorite genre to read is historical fiction, a genre she aspires to write. For now, however, she writes about the era of chivalry, but set in fictional kingdoms of her own design. She prefers characters who set out to achieve great things in the face of difficulty.

One of my goals, even though I write fantasy, is to include real emotional and spiritual struggles the characters face. If I can encourage just one person, or share with them some truth that makes a difference in their lives–if I can do that, all my work, all the heart I’ve poured into my stories will have been worth it.

~ Camille

Picture a winding road in Georgia, lined on both sides by hardwoods and pines, oft crossed by a squirrel or a deer. After a mile or so the landscape opens up into fields, where a pond nestles in soft grass, and goats roam among the blackberry thickets. There, you might find a little house with a wraparound porch.

The house might be a little untidy. There may be jars in various stages of the canning process scattered about the kitchen. There may be laundry on the line, and weeds in the garden. But home is where the heart is, and this little slice of Georgia is called Home.

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