Honestly, for the past year or so, I’ve been down in the dumps about writing. It is tough, as a young mom, to find time to write, to find time to market, and go to book signings… Especially when you have an adorable ball of cuteness tugging on your pant leg every time you sit down to write. Another contributor to my discouragement is that my publishing company went out of business–due to fraud. Eeep!

But things have been slowly looking up. I’ve actually almost finished a manuscript this year! (Doctor and King is the name of it… In case you were curious.) I’ve been able to connect with a few other authors online–it is great to have a support group. My husband is also a great support; he keeps telling me that things will get better. *cue wonderful husband applause*

My biggest wahoo moment that has really encouraged me happened this month. I actually sold a short story to Splickety magazine! (A story about a rooster, if you want to know.)

I know, not much to brag about. But it is super encouraging to me that a magazine actually thought my work good enough to publish.

And with that, I’ll wind this up…

What about you? What has encouraged you lately?

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