Why Happy Ending Are Important

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a sucker for happy endings. You probably are too, if you’re like most people. It’s ingrained in us—love wins, the hero overcomes, the bad guy is soundly trounced. Preferably after an epic battle. Why is this outcome so important to us?

Enter: The Master Story.

What is The Master Story? It is the basic blueprint for every Happy Ending story every made. The hero (or heroine) finds himself facing a devastating problem. Through many difficulties, misunderstandings, and confrontations, he (finally) faces off with his nemesis, appears to almost lose, then miraculously pulls off a stunning win!

Works every time. We love The Master Story because it conveys meaning. Our humanity craves meaning, thus, we are drawn to The Master Story.

I know what you are thinking. “What about Rogue One? That was a sad ending.”

Actually, I would make the argument that it was a happy ending. True, the main character dies at the end, but she accomplished exactly what she set out to do—she redeemed her father’s legacy and brought the war-torn galaxy an important gift: hope. Jyn Erso fulfills her goal and leaves us with the satisfied feeling of closure that accompanies a happy ending.

My verdict? The ending of Rogue One was happy. And that is an important thing.

Sorry this is late…

I kind of got behind on my posting this week, sad to say. I try to post on Wednesdays, but here it is Friday and I’m still scrounging for a good idea to share…

So I thought I’d answer some questions about my novel-in-progress, a.k.a, Doctor and King.

What is Doctor and King about?  It is a real-world re-imagining of the Sleeping Beauty story, told from the perspective of a young king with insecurity issues and a penchant for mixing healing tonics.

How close are you to finishing?  I’m about one inch away from finishing the first draft. I’m hoping to have it revised and edited and ready to release by the end of the year.

What is the hardest thing about writing this novel?  Probably one of the hardest things about writing Doctor and King is that I’m still getting used to writing in first person. Most of my work over the past ten years has been third person.

What do you like most about this novel?  Ha ha, I love that the main character is halfway based off my husband. That really makes it kind of funny to write, because his personality is way different from mine. So it really stretches my mind, trying to think from his perspective.

If you have a question you’d like answered, whether about Doctor and King, or about writing in general (I love helping out young writers!) feel free to send me a message.



Honestly, for the past year or so, I’ve been down in the dumps about writing. It is tough, as a young mom, to find time to write, to find time to market, and go to book signings… Especially when you have an adorable ball of cuteness tugging on your pant leg every time you sit down to write. Another contributor to my discouragement is that my publishing company went out of business–due to fraud. Eeep!

But things have been slowly looking up. I’ve actually almost finished a manuscript this year! (Doctor and King is the name of it… In case you were curious.) I’ve been able to connect with a few other authors online–it is great to have a support group. My husband is also a great support; he keeps telling me that things will get better. *cue wonderful husband applause*

My biggest wahoo moment that has really encouraged me happened this month. I actually sold a short story to Splickety magazine! (A story about a rooster, if you want to know.)

I know, not much to brag about. But it is super encouraging to me that a magazine actually thought my work good enough to publish.

And with that, I’ll wind this up…

What about you? What has encouraged you lately?

Pencil or Keyboard?

One of those matters of personal taste: pencil or keyboard? Each has pros and cons, and whether you carry a notebook into coffee shops and occasionally peek over the top of it at the other coffee-goers, or whether you sit down and let your fingers glide effortlessly (or not so effortlessly) across the keys makes little difference in the end.

Still, it is fun to hear how other writers prefer to write.

Personally, I would love to try a typewriter one day, just to say I did. Currently, however, I vacillate between pencil and keyboard. I love writing in a notebook, because it is easy to carry around, and I feel more creative with a pencil in hand. Plus, when I type it out, it makes it super easy to make a first revision without having to cut, copy, paste, delete, etc.

The keyboard, however, seems to be more productive in terms of word count. Most likely because I can’t seem to resist revising on the go…

So my current writing method is to write in my notebook most of the time, then when I get involved in a Word War (facebook writer friends) I pull out Microsoft Word with its handy dandy automatic word count.

What about you? How do you like to do your writing?

What is Camille Esther About?

Behind every book there is… an author. (I knew that.) Every author is unique, and each has something to tell you besides the adventure they’ve crafted for your enjoyment. What worldview can you expect to peek back at you from between the pages?

Lucky you, I’m going to ‘splain to you what this particular author is all about.

First and foremost, I believe in Truth. When I write, I try to distinguish the truth from a lie. That doesn’t mean my characters are perfect–it just means that the “moral of the story” will always be in line with Truth.

Secondly, I believe in Happy Endings. (Yay!) I’m just predictable that way. I might try to make you cry along the road, but our destination should be inspiring. (The reason I believe in happy endings is too long to explain here, but I will talk about The Master Story in the future.)

Lastly, I believe in using a dash of humor to brighten the mix. I’m not a comedian, but wherever you have an adventure story, there will be drama, and wherever there is drama, there will be ample opportunity for those awkward situations that bring us a few giggles. I mean, what’s life if you can’t laugh once in a while?

I hope you enjoyed this brief look into some of the things that are important to me while I write. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some writing to do…